Prof.Eng.Mario P.Petrangeli.
He got his degree in 1961 and has been Professor in Bridge Design at the Engineering University of “La Sapienza” in Roma. Due to his knowhow in designing civil structures he is considered one of the European best expert in both railway and roadway bridge design.
Administrator and Technical Director of the company

Eng. Enrico Cipolloni.
After having is degree in 1979 he has worked in field of civil design and technical direction for more than thirty year and has been involved in designing important infrastructure in Italy and abroad.
Technical Director of the company

Eng. Luigi Fieno.
He got his degree in 1996 and he is an expert in management of projects regarding the public field, structural design, seismic retrofit, non linear analysis of buildings and bridge made of steel and masonry using national and international code. He works even as building site Engineer on behalf of the customer.    
Commercial Director of the company

Eng. Andrea Polastri.
He got the degree in Civil Engineering in 1998 and is specialized in designing of steel and steel-concrete composite structures; he is an expert in CFRP structural retrofit and in the using of innovative structural materials.