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2003 - 2004

Pedestrian underpass of Bergamo railway station Bergamo - Italy

Final and Detail Design, Works management, accountant and Works Safety supervision for the realization of a pedestrian underpass of Bergamo railway station from Marconi Square to Via Gavazzeni.

2002 - 2003

Railway overpass in Campi di Vaccina Area Ladispoli - Rome

Definitive and Detail design and works safety coordination for the erection of the new railway overpass in Campi di Vaccina Area and its interchange with urban roads network

2002 - 2003

Rome - Italy

Detail design of the Via del Tintoretto-Via Laurentina - Via delle Tre Fontane Interchange


Bridge over Sangone River Giaveno (TO) - Italy

Preliminary and detailed design for the construction of the cable-stayed bridge pre-stressed girders deck on the Sangone River

2001 - 2002

Cava de' Tirreni Salerno-Italy

Detail design on the cover of the trench adjacent to the railway SS 18 in the municipal area in the stretch between Via Savoia Via Caliri

2001 - 2003

A3 Salerno - R.Calabria Italy

Final design and construction Highway A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria Tronco 3° Tratto 2° Lotto 1 dal Km 348+600 al Km 359+400

2001 - 2002

National Autoroute 16 “Adriatica” Abruzzo (Italy)

Preliminary and detailed design for the construction of the concrete arch bridge over Mazzocco river

2000 - 2001

Railway bridge amd road bridge over Impero River Genova-Ventimiglia Imperia-Italy

Railway Genova-Ventimiglia- Support of specialistic services, Preliminary and final design of the foundations and structures of the railway bridge and road bridge, civil and minor works, hydraulic training of the Impero and Rio Oliveto Rivers


Motorway Mare-Monti Amantea (Cosenza) - Italy

Preliminary design of the Expressway Mare-Monti Amantea-Cosenza


Highway G.R.A.-Lot 6° Rome-Italy

Detail Design of the Highway G.R.A., Sector Northwest Lot 6°: from Km 17+400 to Km 18+800 ( Flaminia Interchange- Tiber Bridge)


Motorway Caltanissetta-Gela Pardazzo I Viaduct Sicilia - Italy

Preliminary, final and detail design for structural consolidation of the Viaduct Pardazzo1

1999 - 2000

SS 675 - Umbro-Laziale Viterbo - Orte Italy

Definitive design of the S.S. 675 Motorway Rieti-Orte-Viterbo-Civitavecchia Interchange, 3rd section, 1st lot, from S.P. Vetralla-Tuscania exchange to S.S. 1 Aurelia Bis.

1999 - 2000

A3 Salerno - R.Calabria Sfalassá Viaduct Italy

A3 Highway Salerno-Reggio Calabria Km 414+490 al Km 417+150 -DG 37/99- Final design of the upgrading of Sfalassą viaduct

1999 - 2000

A3 Salerno - R.Calabria Viaduct Italy Italy

Final design and environmental impact study from Km 153+400 to Km 159+000 - Italia Viaduct.

1998 - 1999

Highway Hadat - Syrian Border from Saoufar to Mdeirej Beirut - Libano

Motorway Hadat-Syrian Border, construction drawing of two large pre-stressed concrete viaducts Detailed and Construction design of two viaducts


A1 Milan - Naples Viaduct Reno Italy

Detail design Viaduct over Reno River

1998 - 1999

A3 Salerno - R.Calabria Sala Consilina - Buonabitacolo Italy

Final and detail design, Environmental Impact Study for Modernisation and Adaptation Trunk 1, Section 6 Lot 3

1997 - 1997

SS 18 del Cilento Campania - Italy

Detail design of the structurs Lot 3 from Futani to Centola Station.

1997 - 1998

Rome-Italgas Building Lazio - Italy

Deytail and construction design

1996 - 1998

Adriatico - Sangritana Railway Abruzzo - Italy

Structural design of the modernization and expansion trunk Lanciano - Val di Sangro.

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