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Ariccia - Rome

Monumental Bridge, Borgo S.Rocco Bridge, Galloro Bridge - Vulnerability assessment and earthquake risk of bridges.


Strada dei Parchi-Highways A24-A25

Vulnerability assessment and earthquake risk of Viaducts


Fondi-Ceprano - Lazio (Italy)

Preliminary design of Highway Fondi-Ceprano


San Basilio - Rome

Final design of OP2 within the urban renewal plan San Basilio.


Highway A24 - Rome

Detail design of the Viaducts stipulated in the construction of a road to urban character coplanar of the Highway A24


Serra Moresca - Villa Torlonia - Rome

Structural measures on the complex of the Serra Moresca di Villa Torlonia


Casanuova Dam over Chiascio River Valfabbrica (PG)

Works of stabilizing and securing the right side of the reservoir and the water intake plant - Final structural design.


Ponte della Musica - Rome

Final and construction design of a new steel arch bridge crossing the TIBER river. The tender design was by the JV Studio LOTTI (Rome)- Buro Happold (London)- Kit Powell Williams ( London ).


Bridge over Tiber River and Bridge over Fosso di Tor di Quinto - Rome

Final and Detail design of restoration of the Bridge over Tiber at Km 3+807 and Bridge over Fosso di Tor di Quinto at Km 5+481 of the Railway Rome-Viterbo


Building Fund Notaries - Rome

Detail, final and preliminary design of office building in Rome, Via Vincenzo Gravina.


Nure Bridge - Piacenza (Italy)

Detail design of the bridge over Nure River and review of works of art of overpass of the railway lines on the ring road of Piacenza.


Highway A1 Milan-Naples: Aglio Viaduct

Constructive design of the Viaduct Aglio


Amman Ring Road - Amman (Giordania)

Detail, final and preliminary design of bridges, Viaducts and overpass of the Lot II and III of the new Ring Road of Amman-Giordania


EUR - Rome

Pedestrian bridge of the Garden Waterfalls EUR - Rome


Villa Torlonia - Rome

Restoration, strengthening and functional rehabilitation of the Villa Torlonia Casino Nobile - Static analysis for the vaulted ceilings and Ballroom Hall of Bacchus.

2003 - 2005

Static testing Railway HS/HC Rome-Naples Italy

Raiway HS/HC Rome-Naples - Static testing works and structural components of the noise barriers insistent on the lot 2.1 and 2.2. between the progressive Km 84+434 and km 124+471-

1998 - 2006

Static testing Padulicella Viaduct Italy

Independent check and subsequent test and approval procedure of High Speed railway Milan-Naples viaduct "Padulicella

2005 - 2006

A3 Salerno - Reggio Calabria Fuorni Viaduct Italy

Final and Detail design of the Bridge over Fuorni River

2004 - 2005

Foundations of Ammonia Tanks Sur - Oman

Project Recovery foundations, laboratory tests and verify calculations for the Ammonia Tanks SNAM in Oman

2003 - 2006

A24 L´AQUILA-TERAMO Highway Rome-L´Aquila-Teramo-Italy

Abruzzo Region, Highway A24 - Preliminary, final and construction design of major structural works

Works prior to 2001 carried out by Prof. Eng. M.P. Petrangeli as designer and Technical Director of "Tecnoproject S.r.L." presently in liquidation

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